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Landlord Services:
While much of this site is devoted to assisting tenants recover their security deposit, our firm is committed to and has a long history of representing and helping landlords maintain full compliance with applicable landlord tenant laws.  

lease drafting and review
As a result, we offer comprehensive lease review and lease drafting services.  Many leases are filled with "boilerplate" or "traditional" terms that are either unenforceable or illegal.  In fact, a landlord's attempt to enforce certain provisions commonly found in form leases can result in a landlord's liability.  (see CRLTO Section 5-12-140)  We can provide you with a lease that is in compliance with applicable laws (state and/or local) and the various disclosure requirements (ordinance summaries, lead based paint, common utilities, conditions affecting habitablility, etc.) so that our landlord client's can be as protected as possible.

landlord consulting
We also offer a more broad service of general landlord consulting.  We meet with our landlord clients to review and explain the various laws affecting their tenancies, discuss the best form of lease, issue advice on the proper procedures for handling security deposits, discuss tenant screening methods and provide other general informational services.

All of our landlord services are provided at a reasonable  hourly rate.  

Have an issue?
If you want to be in compliance with the myriad of laws affecting your rental properties, please feel free to telephone us at 773-399-1122 to see if we are a match to represent you. While we do not provide "legal advice" over the telephone, we do handle in-office consultations at a rate of $265 per hour, and we are always glad to spend some time (five to ten minutes) on the telephone to determine if you have a situation where we can help.

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